"You can hear their anus tingle"
— Dist referring to Ian and Rich


Disturbia489 met Rich (Massacre), Ian (Cycocidal), & Mish (Pyro6939) on He absolutely loved joking with them and chatting with them. When Rich, Ian, and Mish moved back to Twitch, Disturbia489 came with them as well because they coughed on him and claimed him. Frankly if he didn't come to twitch they would have hunted him down like the lowly dog he is. XD Disturbia489 just loves to joke and have fun with everyone in the stream and chat. XD In the immortal words of Ian, "Fucking Disturbia." XD

Mish's Lesbian. Mish scissors Dist A LOT. This is him spread eagle waiting for Mish! ---------------------------->

Dist spread eagle (chris l4d2)