Current picture used by Mish on her Steam Profile.

Mish aka Pyro6939 is one of the streamers for Massacre's Random Gaming. She is usually the one who yells at Rich to do stuff, otherwise stuff wouldn't get done.


Mish is a pyromaniac who wants to watch the world burn. She devised a plot with Rich to recruit all the world's boxes into setting themselves on fire and burning everything to the ground. This failed though, because Ian messed everything up.

Mish's Birthday Gift - a.k.a "If Mish were Queen for a day"Edit

One year on Mish's birthday, Snake entered the stream. Upon entering the stream he learned that it was Mish's Birthday & promptly set out to create an incredibly silly image to give to Mish as a gift. He called the image "If Mish were Queen for a day". The image depicts Mish, Rich, Ian, Kyle, and Snake in a Roman Style Gladiator Arena, with Mish sitting in the Emporer's Seat, Kyle (Dressed as a Jester) being held by Mish on a leash, Snake giving offerings of money to Mish, and Rich & Ian fighting each other in the Arena.

Rich is riding "Battle Hogan", a Hulk Hogan fitted with Saddle and reins, while charging at Ian with a Dildo Spear.  Ian is riding a "Spider Walken", a disembodied head of Actor Christopher Walken with Spider legs, and is holding a handgun to his head. Snake has said that the reason Ian is holding the handgun to his head is "Ian, overwhelmed by the madness, decides to take his own life". General reception of the image by The Streamers was of a mixture of laughs & "WTF, Snake!?".


"If Mish were Queen for a day" - Image created by Snake for Mish's Birthday.

Mish's Birthday Gift - Stream reaction

Mish's Birthday Gift - Stream reaction