Box ministry
"I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. But I have a particular set of skills obtained over a long period of dying to bosses. I will find you, I will invade you, I will probably die"
— Rich to Ian's invader

Rich aka Massacre847 is the main streamer for Massacre's Random Gaming.

Background InformationEdit

Rich is the best box breaker in all of Lordran. He breaks all sorts of boxes. Box shaped boxes, vase shaped boxes, and even human shaped boxes. He is also known for occasionally crafting items out of feces.

Rich is a really chill streamer that you can sit back and relax to. He's super nice to his viewers and all around a really good guy. He also has an obsession with Wesker from Resident Evil.

Rich is a meanie who doesn't love zilla any more because he thinks zilla is a loser :(

Rich is also attracted to pig rectums, having exclaimed to one beautiful specimen the following: "I wanted to shove my hand up your ass, okay? But you were having none of it!"

Albert Wesker
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